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Sorry, Mr. W., for taking so much space on your blog when I could’ve just come here, but at the time I didn’t know! Anyways, thanks again for the opportunity to vent. Your kick-in-the-pants blog has been and continues to be an inspiration to me. I enjoy your Blackbirds novels as something amazing in a style completely foreign to me – and I can’t wait to get your latest book on writing tips & motivation. See you at !

** I posted the following as a Comment on Chuck Wendig’s blog  …

Told myself I’d do NaNoWriMo LAST year … didn’t write a single word. Yikes!

So this time, I’m not “doing” NNWM. Instead, the month is for working through my 1st novel. The original idea began a couple years ago, as a short story for a contest. … Being a natural “pantser,” I then added more and more until – 50k+ words later – YUCK!

Then, early this year, I started learning about STRUCTURE and PLOTTING and PREMISE and CONCEPT. Way to feel like a freshman in English 101 all over again. (This former high school English teacher can’t outline *ahead of time* to save her soul.)

At last (after half a year of many distractions including a detached retina) I have a concept/premise and a plot structure.

Here’s the premise: (or is it concept? still haven’t got that straight… ugh.)

A rigid code protects the ordinary human kingdom against the encroaching world of mages, demon centaurs, goblins, and worse, but the young heir of a regional governor defies the law to bond with a gypsy orphan hiding magical abilities, plunging them into conflict with dangerous enemies both seen and unseen.

(They meet as children before the novel begins; as teens a romance develops; problems in the form of family, demon-hosting centaurs, and mages separate them for 10 years; and they reunite as adults to finally discover and confront an enemy who’s been the source of most of the troubles plaguing them their whole lives.)

(Not feasible? I’m not listening, LaLaLaLaLa! *squirts ketchup on pristine white tablecloth*)

My goal for NNWM is to start at what I hope will stay the beginning (Did I mention learning that “Prologues Are Evil”??) and write through the entire story. The challenge is using some of the existing narrative, while adjusting it for consistency, but still avoiding my natural tendency to over-edit, because after all this will actually be the 1st draft.

Wish me luck; I’m gonna need it!

PS – sorry this is so long… :P Guess I needed to vent it. Thanks for the venue, Mr. W. !


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