Nearing the end of NaNoWriMo

Yeah, my word count is WAY behind.

On the bright side, I’m making good progress on my story.

I think.

See, the almost-20K words I’ve got for NaNo so far belong,for the most part, in the beginning of my novel. The very first part. I’m thinking like 5-10%, based on all the other writing I’ve gotten done (Pre-NaNo) and have yet to do. So what does that say about my novel? Way too long? Far too wordy? Needs to be chunked into several different novels? (but – plot points! turning points! character development! resolutions! All that and more??) Or maybe…


Wait, I know this.
Chuck Wendig & others have warned of this phenomenon.
This is one of those times when my novel sucks, right?
Just gotta keep plugging away, right?

Only, what if it really is too long?

Then I guess I’ll edit out the chaff later. Right?



Wanted to post a sentence I’m happy with today.
(might change my mind tomorrow.)

He only knew that his own heart seemed to burn away with the map, and he wished he could disintegrate along with it and float away, white ash on waves of heat.

Sounds like pirates & buried treasure, right?
Only it’s nothing of the sort.
Wonder why it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.
For all I know, it’s perfect crap.
But for now – I like it.

Back to writing!! 😀


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